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Growth is independent with execution>>> Stress occurs when our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs are not fully met and satisfied. This triggers the fight-or-flight response, a survival mechanism hardwired into our DNA. This is how physiology prepares to respond to life events that may occur. When this response is stimulated in general, the physicality of the body is eroded. This concept was addressed through thinking between the organs, the body, and the spirit. Karen Jensen, author of Three Brains: How Heart, Brain, and Gut Identity Influence Accuracy, suggests that we have three brains that interact with each other to influence our health both physically and mentally. The three brains represent the three responses to the self. They are organs, intestines are the body, and the heart is the soul. The three "control centers" are linked through the nervous system, and their interaction shapes our overall condition. The concept of mind, body, and spirit is a concept that understands our being as “full fulfilled persons.” A fully fulfilled person is characterized by an interconnected personal and professional life—not only does the physical, emotional, spiritual, and physical organs all interact on both counts, but they also interact with each other.

النمو الذاتى مع إيقاف التنفيذ اللياقة العقلية واللياقة العاطفية واللياقة الروحية واللياقة الجسدية# #قواعد قوس قزح السبعة #قريباً يحدث الضغط النفسي عندما لا يتم تلبية وإشباع كامل لإحتياجاتنا الروحية والعقلية والعاطفية والجسدية. يؤدي التوتر إلى تحفيز إستجابة القتال والهروب، وهي آلية البقاء متأصلة في حمضنا النووي. هذه هي الطريقة التي يستعد بها علم وظائف الأعضاء […]